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Harry Potter Icontest

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Each week, you'll have two to three challenges. When we have two challenges, you can submit up to three icons per challenge. When we have three challenges, you can submit up to two icons per challenges. Thus, each week you can submit a maximum total of six icons.

The challenges usually fall under the following six categories:

CHARACTER: This challenge will be focused around a single character from the Harry Potter series, you may only use the photos provided.
ACTOR: This challenge will be focused around an actor from the Harry Potter movies, you may only use the photos provided.
SCREENCAPS: This challenge will be focused a movie from the Harry Potter series, you may only use the photos provided.
LYRICAL: This challenge will be focused on lyrics from a song, you may use any photo or fan art you want. Credit must be given if you use fan art.
QUOTES: This challenge will be focused on quotes from the Harry Potter series, you may use any photo or fan art you want. Credit must be given if you use fan art.
THEMATIC: This challenge may be focused on random things involved in the Harry Potter series (ie: emotions, pets, etc). You may use any photo or fan art you want. Credit must be given if you use fan art.

Challenges are based on Mountain Standard Time (MST). Our challenges run from Sunday to Sunday. The official schedule is as follows:

Sunday (noon) Challenge begins
Sunday (noon) Previous challenge ends, voting for previous challenge begins.
Wednesday (noon) Voting ends
Thursday (noon) Winners Announced

So you've decided to enter in one or more of the challenges? Excellent! Before you do, please note the following:

Icons must conform to LJ's icon restrictions - ie., be no larger than 100x100 px and 40kb or less.

Your submissions must not be displayed anywhere else until after the results have been posted</b>. To do otherwise will instantly disqualify your submission(S).

Please try to submit all of the icons you want to submit in one comment.

Submit your icons as comments to the challenge post, using the submission format provided in the text box in the challenge post. You will need both the img src and URL form, like this:

IMG: Photobucket

NOTE: YOUR ICONS WILL BE HOTLINKED FOR THE VOTING POLLS. If hotlinking bothers you that much, then I'm sorry to say this isn't the icontest for you. But there is a solution! You can create an account on Photobucket. If you want your submissions to be completely anonymous, then check out Imageshack. If your icon is on a different server, that's fine; but if that server doesn't allow hotlinking, your icons will not be posted for voting.

ALSO: PLEASE ALERT wickedvengeance IF YOU'VE CHANGED THE LINKS TO YOUR ICONS. We need everyone who submits to KEEP THOSE LINKS ACTIVE until the voting is done, banners are made AND the IMOTM challenge has been voted on, which will take a month.

Even if you don't decide to enter the challenges, please vote! When voting, enter your choices in the text areas of the polls and pay attention to the number of icons you are allowed to vote for. Votes are weighted, so vote in order of preference. All votes are unscreened in comments to the voting post once winners are announced. Remember, You may not vote for your own work! You will use the following format to vote:

(Challenge 1): 3, 1
(Challenge 2): 4, 6
(Challenge 3): 5, 4
Best Crop: 2, challenge 1
Best Color: 5, challenge 3

Banners: This might not seem like much of a perk, but you are guaranteed a banner if you win in a challenge.

Nominations to hp_awards: Every two weeks, all winning icons will be nominated at hp_awards, if the makers agree to it. The categories the icons are nominated for are subjective.

Icon-maker of the Month: Every month, a list is compiled of icon makers who entered in at least two-thirds of the month's challenges. YOU DO NOT NEED TO WIN A CHALLENGE TO BE CONSIDERED IN THE VOTING. The community then votes on the icon-maker of that month (aka IMOTM). The winner receives a banner, dictates the challenges for the following week, and chooses an Icon-Maker's Choice icon every week.

side note.
This icontest is not 'elite.' Therefore, icons made by fledgling makers are treated as equally as those of experienced and celebrated makers. We strive to make everything as fair as possible here, and we only ask that you do the same.

Please do not make derogatory comments about someone else's work - that is why challenge submissions are not viewable to the general public. Constructive criticism, however, is ALWAYS welcome. Some people have started adding little comments about icons to the voting posts, and those are always encouraging.

If you want to use an icon for your personal use, please ask the person that made the icon for permission first - not everyone wants their entries shared.

We haven't had any trouble so far, but we will ban people if we must. So let's keep this open and friendly, shall we?

If you'd like to suggest a challenge, ask a question, or make a comment about ANYTHING (we're always here to help!), leave a comment HERE

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updated: 21 March, 2009